Church Council


The Church Council is to be an advisory and correlating agency through which all organizations and committees may coordinate their activities into one harmonious program of work. It is not an authoritative or administrative group.


Those who compose the Church Council are to be named by virtue of the office or responsibility they have in the church.

The following individuals serve:

  • Pastor
  • Education Minister
  • Music Minister
  • Youth Minister
  • Children’s Minister
  • Deacon Chairman
  • Sunday School Director
  • Coordinator of Special Ministries

Chair of these Committees:

  • Finance Committee
  • Long ­Range Planning Committee
  • Properties Committee

Leaders of the following Ministry Teams:

  • Women’s Ministry Team
  • Activities Ministry Team
  • Hospitality Ministry Team
  • Missions Ministry Team
  • Senior Adult Ministry Team
  • Music Ministry Team
  • Student Ministry Team
  • Elementary Ministry Team
  • Preschool Ministry Team
  • Men’s Ministry Team
  • Singles/College Ministry Team

The pastor serves as the chairman of the Church Council.


The Church Council would meet at least twice a year in January and September and as needed.


  1. Review and coordinate church calendar monthly, giving attention to church objectives and goals.
  2. Respond to requests for building use by both church members and non-church members. Proper usage fee to be charged is to be determined by this group in keeping with established church policy. Any request not decided by this group may be brought to the church for decision.
  3. Serve as members of the Budget Committee along with the Finance Committee annually.
  4. Review and recommend needed policy changes to the church. This is not the exclusive responsibility of the Church Council, but such matters can originate with them.