General Rules

The following rules apply to all standing committees:

  1. All committees shall be elected by the Church upon receiving the recommendations of the Committee on Committees. In an emergency requiring action before the next regular or special business the Moderator (that is, the pastor) may fill vacancies on committees.
  2. All committee members shall be members of this Church.
  3. As provided in the By-Laws, the Pastor shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. In addition, committees shall meet with the Minister of Education and other staff members as may be necessary.
  4. Each committee shall seek to meet at least quarterly for planning and review.
  5. Each committee shall report on its activities to the Church at least once each quarter. The report may be presented orally or in writing at any regular business meeting.
  6. Each committee shall have a chairman, appointed by the, Committee on Committees and a secretary elected by the committee.
  7. No person while serving on the Committee on Committees may be placed on a standing committee; however, any member of a standing committee may be placed on the Committee on Committees.
  8. No relative of a church staff member may serve on any committee which impacts that staff member’s job; e.g. personnel, finance, or the committee which directly relates to that staff member’s job. An example of this would be that the wife of the Minister of Education may not serve on the Personnel and Education Committees.
  9. If a church member is serving on the Personnel Committee, then that person’s spouse may not serve simultaneously on the Education, Activities, Music, and/or Youth Committees.
  10. Any time a committee is considering an item which may directly benefit a committee member or his/her family, that committee member must excuse themselves while the committee deliberates about and votes on that item.

Rotational Plan

  1. Committee members shall be elected for one, two or three year terms during the first year the rotational plan is in effect. After completion of such terms, all members shall be elected for three-year terms.
  2. A committee member who has served a three-year term shall not be eligible to serve on any standing committee until after twelve months have passed.
  3. A person cannot serve on more than one standing committee.
  4. The annual term of office is from January 1 to December 31. The Committee Rotational Plan shall be inaugurated in the church year following the calendar year in which the plan is adopted.