Committee on Committees


The Committee on Committees is charged by the church to name those persons who serve on the various standing committees of the church. Any vacancies that may occur on any standing committee during the course of the year may be filled by action of this committee and brought to the church for approval.


  1. The membership of this committee is to be composed of nine persons serving three year terms. The terms will be staggered. Three members will rotate off every year and be replaced by three new members.
  2. In the origin of this committee, the Church Council was asked to nominate nine persons to serve on this committee and additional persons may be nominated from the floor, with prior agreement from the nominee, at the conference when this poìicy was instituted. From this slate, nine persons were elected by plurality vote (the nine receiving the most votes will serve). Following their election, their years of service were determined by random draw of numbers and the chairman elected by the committee.
  3. Nominations to the three vacancies each year are to be made at the September conference. Those nominated are to be contacted by letter from the church and their consent to serve if elected is to be secured before the October conference. Election of the three new members will be at the October conference. Election shall be by plurality vote.
  4. Vacancies on the committee shall be filled by nomination and vote of the church in conference as soon as practical after the vacancy occurs.
  5. No person while serving on the Committee on Committees may be placed on a standing committee; however, any member of a standing committee may be placed on the Committee on Committees. Following one’s term of service on the Committee on Committees she/he is ineligible to serve again on this committee for two years.


The essential task of this committee is to name those persons to serve on standing committees. The following procedure is to be observed:

  1. The committee will meet in October to review prayerfully the task and make nominations.
  2. Following the session(s) to name individuals to serve, a letter will be sent from the church office asking these persons to serve as nominated.
  3. After due time for consideration, committee members are to Contact assigned nominees for their response. Any additional nominations that are needed will be made after definite negative responses have been received.
  4. The completed and confirmed list of nominees will be brought to the church in the December conference for consideration. Church action confirms or rejects any or all nominations. Terms of committee service are from January to December annually. Unless extraordinary circumstances would dictate, persons who serve on a standing committee will not be nominated to serve on a committee again until after one year.
  5. The Committee on Committees shall recommend to the church the chairman of the committees.
  6. The Committee on Committees is authorized by the church to formulate policies which govern the general functioning of the standing committees. All such policies must be approved by the church during church conference before they are put into effect.