Missions Committee


The Missions Committee is a standing committee that is charged by the church to manage monies that are designated for mission causes. The committee will work alongside the Pastor to make recommendations to the church for the investment of these monies for mission trips and for mission work in Navarro County, in Texas, and around the world.


  1. This committee shall be composed of six (6) members.
  2. Each member of the committee must show personal conviction concerning mission work and a compassion for ministering to the hurting and reaching the lost.
  3. If possible, at least one member of the Women on Mission will serve on the Missions Committee.


  1. The Mission committee would bring before the church recommendations concerning the use of undesignated monies for the support of missionaries on the field, mission causes around the world, and mission trips from First Baptist Church.
  2. The Mission Committee will work with the Finance Committee to provide financial support for mission work in the Corsicana area, in Texas, in the U.S. and around the world.
  3. The Chair of Mission Committee will participate in the budget process for the support of Missions Causes through the annual budget.
  4. The Mission Committee would bring recommendations concerning the goals for Mission Offerings.
  5. The Mission Committee will assist and advise the Pastoral Staff concerning Mission speakers and emphases that are designed to raise financial support.
  6. The Mission Committee does not provide oversight for mission activities conducted by ministries within the church (i.e., Youth, Hispanic, Activities, etc).