Personnel Committee


This committee shall be composed of six (6) members.


  1. Assist the Church in matters related to personnel administration and management. Such matters would include employment, salaries, benefits, conduct, vacations, holidays, and sick leave.
  2. Shall recruit, interview and recommend to the Church for their approval all professional staff members except the Pastor.
  3. Shall be ultimately responsible for the recruiting, interviewing, and placement on the job of the non-professional staff or for their termination of employment. Such responsibility may be delegated to the employee’s immediate superior.
  4. Shall recommend all salaries to the Budget Committee.
  5. Shall be responsible for the regular review of salaries and benefits of church personnel in order to be aware of changing needs in the ares of retirement, pension plans, social security, hospitalization, insurance, vacations, holidays, etc.
  6. Shall provide job descriptions for each salaried position. These job descriptions are to be approved by the Church and distributed to salaried employees.
  7. The recommendation of a salary for a new pastor is to be developed cooperatively by the Pulpit Committee, Personnel Committee, and Finance Committee.
  8. The appropriate church committee is asked to work with the Personnel Committee in the recruiting, interviewing and recommending to the church for their approval all ministerial staff members except the pastor (added April 19, 1989).