Properties Committee


This committee shall be composed of six (6) members. It shall be considered highly useful that persons with property maintenance knowledge and experience be a part of this committee. Women, as well as men, shall compose the membership of the committee.


  1. Shall assist the church in matters related to properties’ administration.
  2. Shall maintain all church properties for ready use.
  3. Shall cooperate with the Personnel Committee in the employment of maintenance personnel and the assignment of responsibilities.
  4. Shall inspect and inventory church properties.
  5. Shall inspect and secure needed repairs for the roofs of buildings, painted areas, basements, kitchens, rest rooms, windows and doors, and mechanical and electrical systems. Inventory and service records of church properties and equipment shall be kept in the church office.
  6. Will keep current copies and instructions needed for operation and maintenance of equipment.
  7. Shall initiate and develop scheduled cleaning procedures for the church facilities.
  8. Shall develop a program of preventive maintenance and safety measures; accident prevention and fire prevention shall be included in such measures.
  9. Shall maintain the church grounds, parking facilities, utility systems, lighting, heating, cooling and plumbing systems.
  10. Shall request and administer maintenance furniture budgets.
  11. Shall be responsible for the beautification and upkeep of the total plant and grounds.
  12. Shall recommend contracts with maintenance firms when appropriate, excluding music maintenance contracts.
  13. Shall make recommendation to the Finance/Budget Committee concerning its area of need and responsibility for the year.