AWANA, which stands for Approved Workmen Are Not AWANAAshamed (2 Tim. 2:15), is used by churches around the world to effectively teach children the Bible.

To faciliate age-appropriate learning environments, children are grouped into different club levels: Cubbies (three and four-year-olds: available to the children of volunteers), Sparks (kindergarten through second grade), and T&T (third through sixth grade).


For nearly 60 years, AWANA has been a leader in children’s ministry in helping churches and parents worldwide raise children and youth to know, love, and serve Christ.

AWANA began as a children’s program at the North Side Gospel Center in Chicago in 1941. Lance Latham, North Side’s senior pastor, collaborated with the church’s youth director, Art Rorheim, to develop weekly clubs that would appeal to churched and unchurched kids to lead them to trust Christ for salvation and grow them in enduring faith and service to God.

Yearly Schedule

Our Awana Clubs generally follow the CISD calendar and begin on the same week as CISD.

Those interested in participating may register in the Church Office. The Club is for children who are entering Kindergarten through 6th Grade.
Our Awana Club does not meet during the summer.


Program & Materials

Awana programs and materials have been carefully crafted to help churches clearly and consistently communicate the good news of Christ and His plan for their lives, as expressed in His Word, each week of the Awana year, and to build a biblical foundation that helps them follow Christ through adulthood.

Typical Weekly Meeting

Activities each night are broken into three distinct phases. Our strategy here is to meet the needs of every child, from the rambunctious child who has energy to burn to the inquisitive one who loves to hear stories.

Game Time

Individual and team competition takes place through circle games (exclusive to Awana) and playground favorites. Every child gets involved every night and has a chance to unleash his or her energy.

Handbook Time

Children work one-on-one with a trained leader to complete assignments in the curriculum materials. Awana emphasizes memorization and understanding of key Bible verses that show how to know God and walk with Him. A series of awards and trophies reward achievements at every level as kids progress.

Council Time

Everyone gathers together for announcements, prayer, and a practical Bible message.

If you need more information or want to get involved, contact us.

To develop a HEART for Christ
we will ADVANCE in spiritual maturity.